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If you’ve ever been to (or heard of) the popular Just Between Friends (JBF) Resale Event in Pearland, Chelsea is the fierce mama behind the whole thing and she’s sharing how she does it all! Read all about this mega upscale resale event that can help you trade clutter for cash and shop for an entire season of clothing and not feel crippled by the cost! Plus, if you choose to sale at their upcoming spring sale, she’s offering our followers 50% off the sellers fee. Just use code SHM2023 when you register!


Please introduce yourself!
Hi! I’m Chelsea Martinez, wife to Chris, and momma to Apollo (5), Shiloh (3), and Shepherd (8 months). We are from Pearland, and though we’ve lived in Beaumont, Rosharon, Baltimore, and Danbury, we made our way back to Pearland in December! Happy to be back.


If you could describe yourself in one word, what would it be and why?
I like to think I’m resourceful, at least it’s probably what I most strive to be. Whether it’s homemaking or running a business, I think it’s a key attribute for success. When things come down to the wire or don’t go as planned, how can I figure it out? Who can I ask or where can I look? It’s especially helpful in event planning, for sure!


What’s one thing people would be surprised to know about you?
I love to dance! If you asked me to go line dancing, to a club, ballroom dancing… whatever… I’d be down! I once even had someone teach me to swing dance!


Anyone special you’d like to thank for helping you along your motherhood journey?
Whoa, so many people! I’ve had truly wonderful midwives, I have a lovely group of momma friends, and our kids have the best grandparents. One person I could spotlight though is my lactation consultant, Barbara Kalmen (Barb’s Babies). I’ve had three totally different feeding journeys, and she was with me each time helping me figure out our unique situation and how to thrive, whether I was nursing or pumping or bottle feeding. I love her! I call her my nursing angel. 


Please explain to us all about Just Between Friends South Houston?
Just Between Friends (JBF) is a seasonal, Children + Maternity mega resale event! Basically, we set up an entire store inside Pearland Knights of Columbus, and over the course of 1.5 days, hundreds of families come drop off their kids’ gently used items to sell. We are open to the public to come shop for about 4 days, and then we sort, breakdown, and head out… then we do it all again next season. It’s a wonderful opportunity for local families to trade some clutter for cash, and it’s also the most fun shopping spree ever! We have historically had two sales a year, but we MAY (*wink wink) be opening a third sale in a new location this year! 


How did you become involved in such a great business?
I came to JBF as a shopper after a friend shared about it on Facebook! It was the only place I could go shop for an entire season for my kids and not feel crippled by the cost. It was, and still is, such a blessing for our family. When the business came up for sale, I believed my mom and I could run the business well, and I also felt motivated to provide the same opportunity for other families to clothe and provide for their kids. At JBF, we help families be able to say “yes”! 


What items are typically sold at the sale and how would you rank the quality?
We sell clothing (infant through teen sizes), shoes, toys, books, accessories, strollers, car seats, outdoor play items, feeding supplies, baby gear, cribs and beds, room décor, and more! We consider the quality to be “upscale resale”. We are primarily secondhand, but we have an inspection process to ensure items on the sales floor have plenty of life left in them, are good quality, and are safe for our customers to purchase! 


Aside from shopping the sale, we are aware that local families can become sellers/consignors – what is that process like and what are the perks?
Yes, our sales are made possible because of our amazing consignors! To be a consignor, first you register to sell. This lets us know that you are coming! Each consignor has their own account where they can enter the items they have to sell and make tags. It’s a super cool system that helps us track which items belong to whom. At the beginning of the sale, our consignors come drop off their items and then they can sit back and watch it sell!   


The first perk to selling at JBF is that you make more on your sold items than traditional consignment stores. Our consignors make 60%, or 70% if they help run our sale, less a small registration fee. Another big perk is shopping early! We have both an exclusive Team Presale and a Consignor Presale. That means first access to the amazing deals. Lastly, who really likes having to sell things one at a time on Marketplace or stores that only accept one or two items? JBF is a place you can take the vast majority of your items to ONE place to sell. 

What are your 3 best tips for shopping the sale and getting access to the best items first?
Tip 1- Get a ticket to shop early! We have lots of presale options available. Visit to be notified when our Spring sale tickets release!
Tip 2- Bring a wagon! We have big shopping bags, but trust me when I say it is a SHOPPING SPREE! It’s easy to fill them up fast, so wagons are so helpful.
Tip 3- Bring a friend! JBF is truly an event. It’s so fun! Bring someone who you enjoy spending time with and either shop together or divide and conquer. 


If one of us is interested in selling, what are the steps to get signed up?
First, visit to register as a consignor and download your Seller Guide! This will walk you through step-by-step how to sell at JBF. As of 2022, we also have a New Consignor Coach! She is there to answer any and all questions as you sell for the first time. 


So, how do you balance organizing this resale and being a mom? 
I chose Just Between Friends specifically because I felt it was a great fit for my family. I spend about 12 weeks planning each sale, with about 3 weeks being more intense, but otherwise it fits nicely into my week. Sure there are times that require more of me, but overall it’s proven to be a wonderful business to own and sustainable long term. I work two and a half days a week, and sometimes sneak some work in after bedtime. I do my best to chunk my week into working time and home time! 

What advice would you give to the “old you” before you had kids?
Give yourself grace upon grace upon grace. Not every day has to be a “good day”. Days are just days and an amazing gift we can give our kids is how to navigate all different types of days. 

Hard doesn’t equal bad. Also, don’t compare yourself to moms who have been doing the motherhood things for way longer than you. You’ll grow alongside your kids and figure it out together. I could probably keep going haha!


Your best shortcut or routine for helping you through parenthood?
I leverage where I can for sure, like using curbside or delivery services because I’m not a huge fan of taking all of my kids to the grocery store. I also shop at JBF to get everything I need for my kids for an entire season in one place at one time. 


We love to support local small businesses. What are some of your favorite places in the Pearland, Friendswood and/or Sugar Land areas?
Small businesses I love: Clean Juice (yummy juices and smoothies), Sweet Obsession Cookies (cookies and cupcakes), Lollipop Boutique (kid’s consignment for in between JBF sales), Galaxy Nails (pedicures with the BEST neck massages), McAuley Group (awesome real estate agent), and Headwaves (haircut and color)! 

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Special Offer: 50% off Seller Fee! Just use code SHM2023 at registration!

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