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Hey there, moms! We’re sharing something pretty incredible that involves the chance to impact the future of pediatric research. This opportunity is brought to you by SAGO, a company that conducts marketing and clinical research. In partnership with the National Institutes of Health (NIH), they are giving us a chance to make a real impact. 


So, here’s the scoop: the NIH Baby Toolbox Study is your invitation to join a groundbreaking research journey. SAGO is leading the charge, backed by the NIH, and they’re looking at little ones aged 0 to 24 months to help shape the path ahead.


This study is like a playdate with a purpose. Imagine your little explorers engaging in activities, playing with toys, and encountering gentle, non-invasive stimuli. It’s all designed to peek into their development – think cognitive, social, behavioral, and neurological aspects.

You’re probably wondering, why should you jump in? Well, by being part of the NIH Baby Toolbox Study, you’re not just signing up for another task. You’re contributing to something bigger – a study that educators, clinicians, and the medical community will lean on for years. You’re adding to the understanding of child development, and that’s pretty darn amazing.


Logistics? No sweat. The study sessions take about 2 hours and happen at a local research spot between the Galleria and River Oaks, so you won’t be trekking far. Plus, SAGO knows that your time is precious. They’re offering an honorarium of $100 to $200.


By joining the NIH Baby Toolbox Study, you’re part of a community of parents making waves in the pediatric research landscape.  Your child’s journey can make a difference for kids everywhere. 


If you’re interested in participating in this opportunity, SAGO invites you to answer some screening questions by clicking below. You will then be contacted to set up an appointment time. The assessments will be conducted through October 2023. Let’s empower pediatric research together and create a brighter future.


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