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Kids & Family

Playground Buddy
This app is great for home or traveling! With this app, get directions, see street views, send details to others and save your favorites. Playground buddy has over 200,000 parks listed on its database, and if you don’t see your favorite, you can easily add it so others can enjoy as well!

Cozi is a 3-time Mom’s Choice Award Winner and The Today Show “must-have app! It offers a surprisingly simple way to manage everyday life with shared calendars, reminders, grocery lists, to-do lists and more!

Have you ever been to a new city (or your own town) and wondered what to do to entertain your kiddos? Discover kids activities and family fun in seconds with Yuggler! Search, organize and plan fun kid friendly places and activities.

Tech Stuff

This isn’t a recipe or restaurant finding app. Its a camera! Do you love taking pics of your food? Or any object close up or top down? This app is the best! We’ve tried it’s presets on selfies and its great at that too!

Preserve your child’s artwork and throw away the guilt of chunking most of it out. Take photos, upload it, tag family and friends, give it a title and date so you can easily access and share it. You can also print it into a beautiful hardcover book!

SPECIAL OFFER: Fill the Artkive Box they send with your kid’s art and send it back to them. Artkive will professionally photograph it and turn it into a keepsake book! Use code TLMN2019 for $20 of. This makes a great holiday gift!

Canva makes amazing professional designs for flyers, cards, posters, social media posts, logos all in one app! You can start from scratch or use one of their 60,000 free templates!

Find My Phone
No explanation needed. P.S. This app also will find your expensive Apple Ear Pods.

Ever find yourself searching for a Starbucks as you drive down the road? As you travel along, search the next 100 interstate exits for restaurants, rest stops, hotels and more!


This app has every sale code and coupon. Not ready to buy? Saving items and watching prices got way easier!

Free- delivery fees may apply depending on membership.
Do you dread going grocery shopping? Do you have little ones who make your shopping experience miserable? Look no further than our favorite grocery shopping app! Get your delivery in as fast as 1 hour. Save shopping lists and reorder for previous purchases. Chat directly with your shopper!

This money management app help you create budgets, track bills and spending. See you bills all in one space and receive reminders when they are due. 

Pregnancy and Post-Partum

Wonder Weeks
This app is an at-a-glance version of the best selling book by the same name. Ever wonder what’s going on in your infant or toddlers brain as it develops? Why is my infant so moody and fussy when last week he was the happiest baby? Stay informed about the stages your baby is going through.

Pregnancy Exercise
This app guides you through tailored exercise each week of your pregnancy, targeting muscle groups ad allows you to log your workouts and take notes.

This app specializes in postpartum workouts! Choose 5 and 10-minute workouts to help you get your mom body back!

This app allows you to take a pic of your growing belly and turn them into a pregnancy momento!

Sprout Pregnancy
This app keeps you informed and organized during your pregnancy by guiding you through every day! It features a pregnancy journal, weight tracker, kick counter, contraction counter and what to be expecting!

PregnancyTracker – Baby Center
Another great app to guide you with expert information through your entire pregnancy and baby’s first year!


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