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Meet Dr. Khan of Shark Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry in League City! Beyond his expertise in creating beautiful smiles, Dr. Khan is an extraordinary world traveler and a connoisseur of diverse cuisines. With a passion for food that spans Mediterranean, Mexican, Thai, and Japanese delights, he finds joy in savoring the rich flavors each culture has to offer. We are thrilled to share this exclusive interview, offering a glimpse into Dr. Khan’s commitment to both dental care and the importance of the pediatric experience. If you or your little one is ready to embark on your journey to a brighter smile, we invite you to give them a call and book your appointment today!

Please share with us about your services/office and what ages you specialize in.
We provide orthodontic care to all age groups and pediatric services to kids up to age 18.


What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you and what are some of your hobbies?
I have traveled to 43 countries so far. One day, I would like to visit every single country in the world. I am a nature guy and I enjoy being outside. I love to hike, long distance running, kickboxing, crossfit and functional weight-training. I am aiming to participate in a triathlon next year.


That’s incredible! Of all the countries you’ve visited, which are your favorite?
I have been fortunate to travel to many different places in the world and was able to meet with some amazing people. My top three places that I really enjoyed visiting are Costa Rica, Iceland and Madeira Island of Portugal.


What’s the quirkiest thing you’ve learned from working with kids, and how does it play into creating a dentist’s office that feels more like an adventure than a check-up?
Working with kids has given me a large reserve of patience. Every day is different and some days are more difficult and each child needs something different. We strive to make sure that a child’s experience is individually personalized and we offer various ways to entertain them in the office so they feel at ease.


Can you talk about the impact of Halloween candy on dental health and provide a guide for parents on navigating sweet treats.
Sugar foods and drinks are one the main causes of dental decay or cavity. With high consumption of sugar, bacteria uses this as an energy source that will result in demineralization of enamel. It is highly recommended to brush your teeth after eating any sweet treats.


What are some healthier alternatives to maintaining good oral hygiene during the post-Halloween sugar rush. 
Some of the healthier alternatives include fruit snacks, granola/protein bars, cheese, cuties or clementines.


Tell us about a time when you turned a dental visit into a “Wow!” moment for a child. Any creative techniques or magic tricks up your sleeve that we should know about?
Dentistry is constantly evolving and we have invested in advanced technology. When working with kids, we make sure that their appointment is comfortable, efficient, safe and conservative treatments are rendered. We identify cavities through early cavity detection with amazing diagnostic tools. We use painless oral injection systems and techniques to improve the patient experience. Lastly, we focus on providing a minimally invasive approach to keep as much of the tooth intact as possible.


If you could give parents one superpower to ensure their kids’ dental health, what would it be, and how can they activate it in their daily routines.
I would encourage parents to model good oral health habits at home, like brushing their own teeth with fluoride toothpaste twice a day and flossing at least once a day. I would also encourage parents to implement healthy food habits in the house.


What’s your go-to strategy for convincing a skeptical toddler that brushing their teeth is actually cool?
You may need to experiment with toothbrushes of different sizes, bristle firmness, colors and handles before you find the one that suits your child. Try a toothbrush that sings or lights up. Consider the taste of the toothpaste. Some kids are aversed to certain tastes.


Imagine you’re hosting a dental-themed family game night. What games would you include and why?
I would love to play tic tac tooth. Most kids are familiar with this game. This game incorporates healthy and unhealthy foods as the child plays.


What’s the coolest transformation you’ve witnessed in a young patient’s smile through orthodontic treatment, and how did it impact their confidence and happiness?
One of the coolest transformations I have witnessed when I work with a patient with a cleft lip and palate in my residency. I was amazed to see her transformation and how the orthodontic and surgical intervention improved her quality of life.


If you could give parents one piece of advice about recognizing when their child might benefit from orthodontic intervention, what would it be, and how can early intervention make a big difference?
According to the American Association of Orthodontics, first orthodontic consultation is recommended at the age of seven. Early orthodontic intervention intercept the developing problem, eliminate the cause, guide the growth of facial and jaw bones, and provide adequate space for incoming permanent teeth. At times, a patient may require a second course of treatment after all permanent teeth have come in to move those teeth into their best positions.


Imagine you’re a kid again; what fun gadget or accessory would you choose to personalize your braces?
If I had braces again, then I would love to accessorize my braces with glow-in-the-dark color ties. This would make my braces look so cool!


Life advice or dental advice?
Work hard and be nice to people (YOLO!)


For more information or to book an appointment with Dr. Khan, visit

Shark Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry
1355 E League City Pkwy, #500
League City, Tx 77573


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