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It may seem crazy to think about a fall garden smack in the middle of July, but yes, if growing from seed it is time to start planting! There’s nothing more rewarding (and healthy) than picking your own veggies and incorporating them into your meals. Not to mention, watching them grow! Imagine having your very own mini pumpkin patch in the backyard. Don’t have a yard? Consider growing in a container. There are so many options!

Easy veggies and herbs to choose from for fall:




Peppers (Hot or Sweet)



Supplies you’ll need:


Seeds from a quality source

Seed starting containers or trays

Potting Soil for seedlings

Liquid Fertilizer to feed a few weeks after germination

Watering Can

Get the kids involved! Here are five ways to build their interest:


Let them decide what they’d like to plant

This is a sure way to get them excited about the idea of starting a garden. Talk about how long it will take to grow and set realistic expectations. Then talk about all the ways they can cook or serve their vegetable!


Give them their own gear

Gardening gloves, a hat, and special gardening shoes. These don’t have to be new but something they can call their own and designate for gardening.


Let them do the watering

There’s something so honorable about watering plants for kids. It gives them the sense of control and responsibility.


Take weekly progress pictures

Make it even more fun by having your child in the picture so they can really see the changes in comparison to themselves. We’ve done this before with corn and watching the corn grow taller than my daughter was very entertaining.


Have competitions

See who can grow the biggest vegetable! This would be especially fun with pumpkins. Explore different techniques to see which one is successful.


Happy Gardening!

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